1. it’s been a while … I haven’t released anything since inebriated, my reason for that is because ive needed to regroup creatively to make sure when the time was right, that I give you the best material I could make .. so this is the cover artwork for my new project .. no title and no set release date yet .. lol sorry and thank you!

  3. "Inebriated" Trailer - June 17th via DJBooth.net

  4. "Sammy Davis Jr" is the third single off of Goose's highly anticipated album, INEBRIATED, dropping June 17th. Production is provided by TapeDeckEra featuring live instrumentation performed by Orlando based soul band, TheMedley.

    Download: Goose - Sammy Davis Jr (Prod by TapeDeckEra)

  5. "De Wallen" is the the second official single from Goose’s highly anticipated album, INEBRIATED, inspired by Amsterdam’s Red Light District. Production provided by TapeDeckEra.

                    Download : Goose - De Wallen (Prod by TapeDeckEra)

  6. happy mother’s day to her.


  8. “CHANGES” is the first single off of my long awaited mixtape, Inebriated – dropping this summer, which features the Orlando based soul band, TheMedley and production provided by TapeDeckEra.

    Goose - CHANGES feat. TheMedley (Prod. by TapeDeckEra & TheMedley)

  9. Life…

  10. Totally agree ..